Personal Statement

As an immigrant, I often get asked about my nationality because of my accent and physical appearance. Perhaps this should not be relevant anymore in a city with such a highly diversified population as Los Angeles.  However, the American perception of “Mexican” is oftentimes wrong. For instance, we are not all undocumented, even though this is often assumed. Not all Spanish speakers are Mexican, Spanish is spoken in many countries. Therefore, my latest art pieces have been focused on those who have been alienated at work and in society due to these, and other, assumptions. My last art pieces break through the prejudices, labels, tags, and stereotypes to acknowledge these human beings, their existence, and their hard work.  It is a fact that it is through their hard toil that they have also made this nation a great nation. It is through our hard work; natural born citizens, new immigrants, and undocumented people, that we have made this country of ours the place where people from around the world can come and freely pursue the “American Dream”.  


Invisible Hands: Eleven Million is a project I have been working as a Master’s of Art student at CSUN.  I divided the body of work into three series; paintings, drawings, and time-lapse videos. The project in general elevates and commemorates undocumented immigrants living in Los Angeles and the majority of them are DACA recipients. The portraits are made in various media, including oil on canvas, charcoal on paper, and digital drawings. In the process of each piece, I meet with my prospective subject in their favorite spot or coffee shop. I make them feel comfortable, and we talk while I am studying their facial features by drawing them on my iPad Pro. When I finish the drawn study, we start our interview.


The portraits are painted in monochromatic gray scale, putting the subjects in limbo. In my work, gray serves as an unemotional, neutral, indecisive, color that depicts isolation. As most of us know, undocumented people often times are isolated, threatened, and segregated due to their immigration status. On the other hand, the lack of color is used to break up the barriers that our society faces in respect to racial issues. Not giving color to my portraits makes it easy to avoid labeling, stereotyping, or categorizing them into a specific ethnicity.


The drawings on paper are dedicated exclusively to DACA recipients. The drawings are intentionally erased and unfinished in some areas to reflect their uncertain  present and future.

The multimedia (digital) time-lapse drawings are also dedicated to DACA students. The videos show the process of a portrait, the finished drawing, then the drawing fading out. During the process of the drawing, the audio is the story of the subject, as recounted in our interview. The videos are a metaphoric reflection about how immigrants and DACA recipients have been threatened in our society.


In total, my work is about representation, primarily of people who lack visibility.





2018                            Master of Arts, Painting, California State University, Northridge. Northridge, CA.


2016                            Bachelor of Arts, Painting and Drawing, California State University, Northridge. Northridge, CA.


2013                            Associate in Arts, Painting, Porterville College. Porterville, CA.



2018-Present               Housing Coordinator, Brilliant Corners, Los Angeles, CA.


2017- 2018                  Graduate Assistant, Painting Lab, California State University, Northridge,         Northridge, CA.

2017                            Volunteer, Coach and Art, Los Angeles, CA.


2016-2018                   Treasurer, CSUN Painting Guild,California State University, Northridge,         Northridge, CA.


2014-2018                   Uber


2014                             Gold’s Gym, Personal Trainer, Simi Valley, CA.


2009-2013                    Doctor Salas Office, Medical Clerk, Porterville, CA.




2017                             Matador Credit Union Scholarship




2018                            Invisible Hands: Eleven Million.TIOH Arts & Culture, Los Angeles, CA.


2017                           Invisible Hands: Eleven Million.Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles, CA.


2017                            Eleven Million.  Sponsored by CSUN Galleries, Matador Credit Union, Art council. CSUN West Gallery, Northridge, CA.





2019                            33rdAnnual La Luzapalooza Exhibition, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los                                            Angeles, CA.


2019                            LA Open 2019, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


2018                            2018 California Open Exhibition, TAG Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.


2018                            Hear Our Voices, Avenue 50 Studio, Los Angeles, CA.


2018                            2018 CSUN Graduate Exhibition, CSUN Art Galleries, Northridge, CA.


2017                            (Re) Composition: A call and Response Between Artist and Writers. CSUN, West Gallery, Northridge, CA.


2017                            CSUN Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition.CSUN Art Galleries Northridge, CA.


2017                            Metamorphosis: The Human Stories. Atlantic City, NJ; Dresden, Germany: Gyumri, Armenia; Columbus, OH; Beaumont, TX.


2016                             Brand 44 Works on Paper.Brand Library Art Galleries. Glendale, CA.


2016                            Incoming Graduate Student Exhibition. CSUN Shed Gallery, Northridge, CA.

2015                            Juried Art Exhibition the LGBT Show.Linus Gallery, Pasadena, CA.


2015                            Meet the Guild. CSUN West Gallery. Northridge, CA.


2013                            Porterville College Student Art Exhibition. Porterville College,   Porterville, CA.



2018                            Working Progress. USU Student Art Collection, CSUN, Northridge, CA.





2017                            CSUN We Rice Mural: Spring semester collaboration with classmates           working on Mural. Northridge, CA.  




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